Author Topic: Legacy to the Cowl Constructed Event 400pts @ Armchair 7/12/15 @5pm  (Read 578 times)


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Whwhwhwhwatttttts going on my 808 heroclix friends  :o

Hope you guys are having or had a fantastic 4th of July celebration (Depending on when you read this post  ::))! Hope they were full of bright lights and good company!

As you all know, Robert has acquired a NEW LOCATION for Armchair Adventurer! He is now located in The Dole Canary Food Court where you guys can be able to park either at Costco Lot or the Movie Theater Parking Lot! Now there is no reason not to come early  ;D! Watch a movie before, play laser tag, or just goof off! The store is awesome guys whether you saw it already or are going to when the event happens, you will be happy  :D! But now onto the event.........

As this is a new step towards the store, its the next chapter in its Legacy! So lets play off that idea in honor of the new storefront!

- Assemble a 400 pt Silver Age force of Sidekick characters that are a character of a Legacy or Succession! The best examples are Nightwing is Batman's, Falcon is Captain America's, War Machine is Iron Man's, etc etc! Also there are characters with different people such as Batgirl (Barbara, Cassandra, etc etc), Ms.Marvel (Old and New), and many more characters such as that are accepted as they are carrying the torch of their teachers!

- If you are having difficulty with either a character is a Legacy character or not, bring multiple characters and I will clarify if they are or not either on this post or on the day of event!

- The usual NO'S apply - Colossals, Event Dials, Resources, Feats, BFC's, Entities (Even though can't play them anyway cause they arnt Legacy at all  :P)

- Yes to special objects, atas, id cards (only if it is a legacy call in), standard objects.

1st, 2nd, and Player Voted Fellowship awards will be given. Its the Symbiotic characters Venom, Agent Venom, and Spiderman

If you got any questions leave them here, if not we shall see you at the new store! 
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