Author Topic: Unique Relic Mayhem Heroclix Event / 5pm 7/26/2015 Armchair  (Read 785 times)


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Hey Hey Hey  ;D

Hello Everyone of my Heroclix enthusiasts! Ready for the our next event at armchair?! Im sure you guys are! But first, as an announcement, I will be posting the modified house rules soon. Robert and Phep wanted me to look over them and probrably will be posting them by the next event. But thats besides the point  :o the next event.........

"How will you survive utter chaos, hero's"

Unique Relic Mayhem

- Make me a 500 point Modern Age squad of characters that are "unique". What this means that your whole team must have all Silver rings on their bases. You may also add 1 prime figure to your squad in which they are also uniques in a sense.

- If you are having a hard time finding figures like that you can go to, go under the units tab, look under figure information, look at rank, and choose unique (you can also do that for primes)

- Every 5 mins during the 50 min match, I will randomly pull a relic from my deck of relics and spawn it on your map (Each map will get their own relic so that each game has its own unique thing).

- The spawn points for relics is from rows 7-18 and columns C-N and its decided by 2 D12's. This is the mayhem aspect of the game! Random chaos where a single character can have all the power or not!

- Usual NO'S apply- Colossals, team bases, resources, feats, bfc's, and entities.

- Bring your dice, figures, no need for special objects or relics (cause I have them), standard objects, and yourself

If you have any questions, leave them here. If not, prepare heros for the mayhem to come