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Slow Grow League
« on: September 05, 2015, 08:35:11 AM »
Slow Growth League

6 levels spread out over 14 weeks
Prizes will be based on SR2015 Journeyman league rules.

Group meet ups will be at Armchair Adventurer

Level 1: 2pm 13Sept - 12noon 4Oct (3 weeks)
-Mangled Metal/Tooth and Claw; Battleboxes only

Level 2: 2pm 4Oct - 12noon 25Oct (3 weeks)
-Scenarios 1-4; 15 points (must include BB)

Level 3: 2pm 25Oct - 1159pm 14Nov (3 weeks)
-Scenarios 5-8; 25 points (must include BB)

15Nov Tournament !!!!
-Scenarios 1-8; 25 points; 2 lists (optional, but both must include BB if using two); time/location TBD

Level 4: 16Nov - 12noon 29Nov (2 weeks)
-Scenarios 1-8; 25 points alt caster (must still use BB's battlegroup)

Level 5: 2pm 29Nov - 1159pm 12Dec (2 weeks)
-Scenarios 1-8; 35 points either caster (must still use BB's battlegroup)

13Dec Tournament !!!!
-Scenarios 1-8; 35 points; 2 lists (either caster from league, must also include BB's battlegroup)

Level 6: 14Dec - 1159pm 18Dec (1 week)
-Scenarios 1-8; games may be any point level up to 50 points; no restrictions on models (still within faction and appropriate Mercs/Minions)

19Dec Slow Growth Tournament
(I'm gonna have John Timothy Allen II explain the rules for this style tournament since he knows it better)

So that's the plan. Since this isn't an official PP Journeyman league, probably won't have patches, but if we have buy ins for the league and the tournaments, we will probably have the three major prizes (Overall, Painter, and Most Games won).

So invite your friends, go grab a new faction Battlebox, and check out the Oahu Warmachine and Hordes page on Facebook to let us know if you are interested. Keep an eye out for more details but look to start 13Sep at 2pm (location Armchair.)
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Re: Slow Grow League
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2015, 07:18:33 PM »
Just some clarification questions.

1) Scenarios 1-8 refer to the Steamroller scenarios or something else?

2) When referring to the Battlebox (BB), especially with concern to the 2 lists for the Nov Tourney, is the BB caster required?  I would assume yes for most games, but it seems odd for a 2 list tournament for both lists to use same caster.  FWIW, I'm fine with both lists using same caster and BB battlegroup, I'm just curious.

3) Do games need to be played at Armchair?

4) Any limitation on playing same player multiple games in a row?
(generally this is discouraged as it's a way of gaming the system)
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