Author Topic: Superman + Wonder Woman Pre-Release Special Event @ Armchair 5pm 10/25/15  (Read 613 times)


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Hey Heros!

Sorry for the late post, been fairly busy (which is hard to believe for me isn't it?) ::). But don't we have a treat for you this coming event. For the first time in Wizkids history, you get to buy boosters and play a sealed event with a set that hasn't been released yet! If there hasn't been a more powerful couple in comic book history, it would defiantly be the stars of this set, Superman and Wonder Woman! This set will feature all of Superman and Wonder Woman's normal and variant looks throughout history, Earth 2 figures, villains, and Krypto!!!!!! So here we go...

- 2 Booster Sealed event, 300pt Build

 Just for you guys, we are doing two boosters because other places are doing a draft event, but myself and Robert want you guys to get more figures and be more excited for this set!

- Build your team out of those 2 boosters only! Maps and prizes will be awarded. Bring your dice, tokens, terrain, and luck!

-1st, 2nd, and possibly 3rd place awarded, depended on players. Fellowship is also awarded.

Pretty simple guys, our good old sealed marquee event scenario to celebrate this new set before its even released! Hope to see you guys this Sunday!