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Retroclix featuring Red Robin
« on: October 27, 2015, 01:49:05 AM »
Hi fellow clixers! Welcome to a new installment of Retroclix! Today we'll delve into one of DC's historic (or is that futuristic?) storylines that's responsible for the premise of Hypertime and the rebirth of the DC multiverse.

The Kingdom Come series showed an alternate Earth (Earth-22) where Superman went into seclusion after the death of Lois Lane at the hands of the Joker and the latter being publicly executed by Magog, the first of a new breed of superheroes that disregarded the laws and morals that Superman championed. In Superman's absence the world grew darker with its new heroes becoming more like the villains they fought against while the old guard that Superman inspired lost their will to continue the good fight and faded into the shadows when their guiding light had gone out. However a tragic earth shaking event draws Superman back into action. With his reappearance hope was renewed as the heroes of old rallied to his call in reforming the Justice League to save a world that teetered on the edge of destruction.

One such hero was the former boy wonder, Richard Grayson. As Batman refused to rejoin Superman's meta-human army Grayson was recruited into their ranks as his new dark knight... The Red Robin! (Yum!!!)   ;D

Ok so why Red Robin?!?! We'll back in the day DC Heroclix figures from the Kingdom Storyline were da shizzle (HELLO!!! KC Flash, KC Green Lantern, KC Wonder Woman, KC Magog, & KC Superman)! Well there were a couple of exceptions that didn't make the cut (sorry KC Batman but without Rookie Invisible Girl from Clobberin' Time you were just 188 pts. of easy money for the opposing team). However the vast majority of those figures were over 150 pts. to play. Needless to say but they were sort of hard to fit into 300 pts. games unless you were planning on running tent pole type teams. Red Robin was the bargain basement powerhouse of the KC hero set.  Well that and he has the best costume design from the Kingdom Come series IMHO. Here what he offers to anyone considering him for a 300 pts. Golden Age team with all the fixings.

For 90 points he brings the Kingdom Come Team Ability; 7 clicks of life; 8 range dual bolts, & a starting click of MV 9, AV 11, DV 16, & DMG 3 with stats that steadily declines by 1 for almost every click of damage he takes. In addition on his Movement track he starts with a single click of Stealth followed by 6 clicks of Leap/Climb; for his Attack track he begins with 3 clicks of Incapacitate followed by 2 clicks of Energy Explosion; in his Defense track he has 2 clicks of Super Senses followed by 4 clicks of Willpower, & finally his Damage track he rounds out with 3 clicks of outwit that bookends his dial and a single click of Range Combat Expert on click 2. He also comes with the Future and Martial Artist Keywords.

So what does this blob of info translates to? Without add-ons like feats or resources Red Robin can avoid range attacks with his starting stealth with a 1 in 3 chance of opposing figures failing to get within base to base contact with the KC TA while being able to potentially avoid 1/3 of the attacks that successfully lands via Super Senses. His 8 range duo target, Outwit, and Incap combo can deal with a variety of potential targets from Mystic TA figures to AoU Hulks with the ability to hit rather reliably on his top click. If he gets hurt his Leap/Climb power can make sure he gets back to a medic for an easy heal due to his rather pedestrian DV values.

Red Robin's drawbacks on the other hand are that he lacks any move and attack powers to speak of & once he gets knocked off his first 2 clicks he's about as easy to KO as the bird that inspires his superhero name. But since this is Golden Age we can take Red Robin to the next level and PUMP HIM UP!!!

Feat Cards Consideration:

So these are the feat cards I felt would help him the most in a 300 pts. Golden Age Format:

Lunge 5 pts.
Running Start 5 pts.
Takedown 6 pts.
Stunning Blow 10 pts.

Total: 26 pts.

You can view the full details of the cards here:

In a nutshell each of the feat cards were chosen because of Red Robin's starting Stealth and Incapacitate powers. Stunning Blow gives him the ability to deal damage while giving out tokens to successfully hit targets. This combo can be used at range or close combat. If you play Red Robin at higher point values games I'd throw in the Armor Piercing feat card for good measure to make sure that the damage is penetrating for at least one click and free up the use Outwit on something other than Defensive damage reducers like Impervious, Invulnerability, or Toughness. Takedown adds another layer of defense when an opposing character fails to land a close combat attack by giving the attacker an additional token should he get based in CQB.

Lunge gives him a "mini charge" range of 2 squares with automatic breakaway right before making a close combat attack. Running Start allow him to move up to his full movement value when on his stealth click when he starts his move action  in hindering terrain. This gives his 8 range Outwit chances of being put to better use during a game.

Resource Consideration:

Utility Belt (Fully Loaded):
Costume Slot: Batman's Cowl
Belt slots: Grapple Gun, Batarangs x2, Gas Pellets/Smoke Grenades, Flash Grenade, & Rebreather
Total: 14 pts.

The most appropriate resource to use would be the Utility Belt. The Utility Belt gives Red Robin built in Willpower, potential stat boosts, and the ability to remove Team Abilities from opposing targets. In addition the costume slot and belt slots were chosen to further capitalize on the use of his feat cards & give him additional movement options depending on map choice.

Putting it into Practice:

Here is a team that I thought could have potential with Red Robin on it as the primary attacker:

Team: Future All Stars
90 pts. LG#94 Red Robin
AAF#2 Lunge 5 pts.
CDF#6 Running Start 5 pts.
MUF#6 Takedown 6 pts.
LGF#7 Stunning Blow 10 pts.
NMLR#100C Utility Belt: 14 pts.
Costume Slot:  NMLR#107 Batman's Cowl
Belt slots:
NMLR#101 Gas Pellets/Smoke Grenades
NMLR#102 Batarangs x2
NMLR#103 Grapple Gun
NMLR#104 Flash Grenade
NMLR#105 Rebreather
80 pts. WOL#103 Rond Vidar
10 pts. Green Crossbow Construct
80 pts. ASM#49 Spider-Man 2099

Total: 300 pts.

Since Red Robin only has 2 generic keywords to work with the number of characters I could fit into this theme team was a bit limited but I think the two figures selected would mesh well with Red Robin. Rond acts as RR's Taxi. In a pinch he can use his construct ability to do a wide variety of things from increasing range, gaining attack/defense oriented powers, or use control type powers to help the team out. Spider-Man acts as the close combat element of the team with the ability ignore hindering / elevated terrain when moving which frees up the need of another taxi for him somewhat. In addition he a close combat beast with Charge & BCF on his top 3 clicks followed by Flurry & Poison for the next 3. With a full dial of Close Combat Reflexes and mid-dial Outwit or Perplex he can take some heat off of Red Robin as which figure should be eliminated first. Also since both Rond & Spidey 2099 are wild cards they can use either Batman Ally or KC TAs as needed. This makes range oriented teams without any stealth busting ability or close combat ones without giant reach and/or range easier to deal with the timely use of these Team Abilities.

Well that's it for this installment of Retroclix. If anyone has any request for a figure to write the next article send me a pm or reply to this post. Until next time... Happy Clixing!!!