Author Topic: Battle of the Multi-verse 600 pts 11/8/2015 @ Armchair 5 PM  (Read 740 times)


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Battle of the Multi-verse 600 pts 11/8/2015 @ Armchair 5 PM
« on: November 04, 2015, 05:01:00 PM »
Hello once again Heroclix hero's and villains,

Well we have finally come to a crossroads in our gaming community, and that is, this is my final judging event until I will part from this island. We have had some awesome times throughout the two years that I have been doing this for Armchair and I am sad that I will have to leave but trust me it is never a goodbye. My influence and presence will never leave this place! But now, Omar will be carrying on the legacy for the Heroclix community after this event. But now, onto the event! This event has always been one of my favorite event to play because it brought everyone together......

- 600 Pt
- Silver Age
- No entities/possessions (unless played as the figure first), resources, team bases, card elements, and id cards
- Minimum 4 characters for build

-Make a team in which each character is from a different universe. EX- 1 Marvel, 1 DC, 1 Street Fighter, and 1 Halo

-You are allowed 1 relic from 1 universe that is on your team

Bring your dice, luck, and yourself to this event.

Thanks guys and hope to see you at this finale of my time here!