Author Topic: huge 40k Chaos SM army for sale  (Read 342 times)


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huge 40k Chaos SM army for sale
« on: July 06, 2017, 08:40:34 PM »
Hey guys gonna be leaving to the mainland soon, and got a huge Chaos SM army that needs a new home, it's pretty extensive and a nice chunk of it is actually nicely painted in a sudo nurgle theme by Saul(I got them in an amazing deal, saving them from the secondary market obscurity, straight out of baggies lol) a decent amount of well painted figs, some primed black, and a few built, unprimed.

1x Abbadon UP
1x Huron blackheart P
1x Kharne the Betrayer UP
1x chaos sorcerer P
1x warpsmith P
1x chaos lord P
1x chaos lord UP
8x chaos terminators P
10x chosen p
5+ chosen UP
30+ chaos space marines P
10+ chaos space marines UP
80+ cultists  (half painted)
7x Raptors
8x Khorne berserker UP
3x mutilators P
3x Obliterators P
3x Chaos Spawn UP
1x hell brute
1x mauler fiend/ forge fiend P
1x Defiler P
2x CSM Rhinos UP
4x chaos hellcannon UP
1x chaos predator P
-Resin thousand sons upgrade bits enough for at least 7
Some other odds and ends like converted possessed heralds, ALL THE chaos spikey BITZ, and some other random chaos stuff

I will be posting it in FB soon with pictures, i would like to sell it as a lot but may entertain offers for single units. PM and let me know if your interested